Software Dependency Management: From Dependabot to Renovate

Mohamed Meabed
2 min readDec 26, 2021

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As software engineering its very important to keep your code up to date with latest updates, fixes, patches and security updates.

Managing dependency updates on many projects / repositories it could be overwhelmingly time-consuming and hard, So I have used dependabot until I have switched recently renovate and couldn’t be happier


I started using dependabot few years ago and i was very happy using it until 1000000 PRs was open and it becomes very hard to keep track and merge one by one, many folks asked in github about PR grouping feature but it doesn’t seems to be happening soon.

Dependabot one PR for each updates

Switch to Renovate

I have switched to renovate recently and never been happier using it, 3 main things i love about it:

  • Dependency Dashboard
  • One PR to rule them ALL
  • Versatile and flexible configuration
One PR to Manage Minor & Major Dependancy

Renovate made my update management easy and saved me tons of time going through individual merges!

Configuration Example

Check this configuration example to group PRs in renovate

Save time, automate everything and Happy coding!

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